5 Features Every LMS Should Have

Learning management systems are some of the most useful tools for businesses across the world. Not only do they provide a quick and easy method of training new employees, but they also offer a new way of communication between coworkers. 

According to eThink, an LMS provider, "A learning management system aims to make training accessible for remote learners and provide a central location for training across an institution or organization."

Alongside eThink, hundreds of other LMS providers have started to pop up throughout the past few years. This led us to wonder - just how integral are learning management systems, and why are they so popular?

Why use a learning management system? 

Finance online is a marketing research company that conducts certified reports on just about every aspect of business. This article in particular denotes some essential LMS statistics that every business owner should know. For example: 

  • 77% of US companies used online learning in 2017, and that percentage is increasing every year. With remote working and learning increasing substantially in 2020, learning management systems are more popular than ever. 
  • 75% of employees prefer video-based learning over the traditional method of personally reading information. 
  • 66% of professionals said that learning and training development is essential and that it’s becoming a more strategic part of their organization. 

So now we understand why learning management systems are so popular, we need to figure out what features your company needs. While every business is different, there are a few core qualities that we think every company would benefit from. 

5 features every LMS should have

1. Tracking 


Tracking employee progress is a great way to encourage your workers to get their work done in a timely manner. With many training or extended learning programs, it can be easy for employees to hurry through without fully understanding the information. With an LMS, you can ensure that all of your workers complete their assignments and put in the required amount of time. 

According to the same Finance Online article we referenced earlier, 82% of managers said that reporting analytics is one of the most important features of LMS. By tracking your employees and gathering analytics, it will be easy to make sure that everyone is doing the work they need to be doing. Not only that, but you'll also be able to see if there are particular sections that many employees struggle with, so you know what to focus on during more personalized training sessions. 

2. Assessments 


Assessments are the perfect way for employees to show off their knowledge and prove their worth to the company. If an employee did the required training and retained the information, these assessments should be stress-free and easy. This way, it's also easy to see which employees may be struggling with the content so that you can give specialized help in the areas of concern. 

These assessments should be an accurate representation of which workers did the training properly and which did not. With this information, you can successfully figure out who is essential to your business, and who may not be as committed to working as they should be.  

3. Surveys


Having open communication that goes both ways is essential in an employee-employer relationship. It won't matter if your training system is top-notch and high quality if your employees aren't learning or enjoying the process. 

Surveys allow the people utilizing your LMS to provide you with feedback on how their experience was. This could be something as simple as rating it from 1-5 stars or something more in-depth where employees can fully voice their opinions. 

In order for your business to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, you need to encourage a positive work environment. A huge part of that requires you to listen to your employees. Learning management system surveys give your employees a safe space to voice their thoughts without fear of judgment or backlash. 

4. Integration 

Integration is a fundamental part of creating an online learning environment. If your company is already utilizing other online tools, you want to make sure that your new LMS can incorporate those tools seamlessly. For example, if you already have content recorded on Youtube or Vimeo, you want to ensure that your LMS can integrate those videos into your platform, so employees don't have to switch between websites throughout their training. 

Having multiple integration options, including all of the top social media sites, video platforms, and tracking systems, shows a dedication to personalization. Every company is different, and every company utilizes different online tools - you shouldn't have to leave behind your previous content to accommodate an LMS.  

5. Customization 


The best part about virtual platforms is that there is no limit to how customized you can make them. While some LMS providers may offer a more strictly designed platform, others have an endless amount of opportunities for customization. 

Think about it, what's more impressive? A basic website that allows you to insert videos and information into a premade template, or a platform that you designed, with a custom domain, branded assessments, and personalized user profiles. 

A fully customizable platform is engaging and professional for users; it shows your employees that you care about their experience. 

So, is an LMS worth it?

It depends on what you see as the future of your business. A smaller business owner with fewer employees may prefer to personally train their employees in a more intimate setting. However, if you have a larger company that needs to train hundreds of people per year, you probably would find this helpful. 

In fact, for a larger business, an LMS isn't just helpful - it's a necessity. 

Training employees takes up tons of precious time and effort that most companies can't afford to lose. Having a fully automated educational system that can do all of the work for you is essential - not only to saving your time and money, but also to giving your employees the best training experience possible.

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