10 Great Virtual Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

As technology continues to advance, remote working is becoming a more viable option for many businesses. Not only does having a virtual office space cut down company costs, but it also allows employees to be more productive on their own set schedule. 

Because remote working is becoming so common, thousands of applications are now marketing towards those working in a virtual office. With so many options available, it can be challenging to differentiate between the good and the bad. Although some apps are better off not getting downloaded, some will forever change your life as a remote worker. 

Here are 10 amazing online tools that make remote working better than ever before

1) Zoom

Zoom | Virtual Collaboration Tools

Zoom is by far one of the most well-known virtual collaboration tools out there. It’s safe to say that most people who have worked remotely have used this application at least once. Zoom has become the go-to group calling app that many companies default to with an easy-to-use interface and simplistic design. 

This application’s use of breakout rooms and an interactive chat made it an excellent option for those looking to engage with others. In the past year, Zoom has become the host of virtual classrooms, collaboration spaces, club meetings, and so much more. 

Although Zoom lacks some customization and branding features you’ll want for a long-term, full-service solution to virtual collaboration, it’s become a great, universally used standard.

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2) Discord

Discord | Virtual Collaboration Tools

If you’re looking for a simple discussion platform that your team can use continuously throughout the day, then Discord is the way to go. Discord is a communication service that allows you to converse via text, voice, and video chat. Although this app was initially made for casual use, businesses have started to utilize it due to its helpful nature. 

Users can create private servers that are dedicated to specific events, teams, or projects. With easy-to-use screen share and live streaming capabilities, Discord encourages collaboration and discussion between employees. 

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3) Slack

Slack | Virtual Collaboration Tools

Slack describes itself as the “smart alternative to email.” Much like in emails, you can message specific people or entire groups and attach files or documents. The main difference is that Slack is instant and more casual. With Slack, you can have all of your team’s remote discussions in one place. 

Slack is a discussion platform that encourages collaboration. Slack is a great option for businesses that need a text-based discussion space with several different channels that can be customized and rearranged. 

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4) Chimp or Champ

Chimp or Champ | Virtual Collaboration Tools

Every good manager should be conscious of their team’s overall happiness. Chimp or Champ is a helpful tool for managers who want to create a more productive and content work environment. 

This app gives employees the chance to rate their mood on a happiness meter every week anonymously. In this, employees are allowed to transparently give their managers feedback without the fear of backlash. 

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5) Basecamp

Basecamp | Virtual Collaboration Tools

While working remotely, it can be easy for projects and plans to get lost in the virtual office wasteland. Basecamp is the perfect choice for companies that need help with organization. Once you create your workspace, you can completely customize how you want to arrange your teams and projects. 

Basecamp also offers a wide range of tools for idea-sharing and project organization. When tasks are assigned, every employee can see what specific projects they need to complete. These projects also have a comment section where employees can chat about potential suggestions. 

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6) Jumbo

Jumbo | Virtual Collaboration Tools

If you need to completely revamp your virtual office space, look no further than Jumbo. Jumbo creates customized digital meeting spaces that encourage collaboration and efficiency. Unlike many other virtual office creators, Jumbo offers a different experience to every company because every single business has distinct needs. 

Jumbo has several features available to users, including branded meeting spaces, file sharing capabilities, and an emphasis on quality customization. Jumbo also has employee monitoring abilities and integrates with several different calendars, social media sites, and video-sharing platforms. 

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7) Soapbox

Soapbox | Virtual Collaboration Tools

One of the biggest challenges of working remotely is finding time to organize large meetings. Because everyone is on a different schedule, it can be difficult to make a plan that works for everyone involved. Soapbox is an agenda-sharing tool that allows you to compare schedules with your co-workers. 

Soapbox creates a high-functioning workspace by combining to-do lists, meeting timetables, and future company goals all in one place. This app also provides employees with the ability to give feedback so that managers can work on meeting effectiveness in order to be as productive as possible. 

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8) Krisp

Krisp | Virtual Collaboration Tools

If you’re a regular user of Zoom or any video conferencing platform, you’ve probably had a fair share of audio issues. Krisp is an app designed to eliminate background noise from your group calls. 

This application integrates with pretty much every platform you can live-stream from. Krisp removes distractions from meaningful conversations by canceling noise so you and your colleagues can have productive meetings from any location. 

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9) Evernote

Evernote | Virtual Collaboration Tools

While in virtual gatherings, it can be tough to share notes and ideas with your co-workers without disrupting the flow of the meeting. Evernote allows you to share memos easily throughout the meeting without interruption. This note-taking solution automatically syncs notes together and doubles as a company-wide to-do list. 

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10) Kickidler

Kickidler | Virtual Collaboration Tools

Kickidler is the leading employee monitoring software of this generation. With remote working becoming so popular, it is understandable that companies may be concerned about their employee’s work ethic diminishing. Kickidler provides a way for managers to oversee an employee’s work throughout the day. 

Kickidler has become a favorite among businesses moving into the virtual office space with features such as time-tracking, productivity analysis, and self-monitoring. Employees are notified when they’ve been idle for too long and can even see their personal productivity statistics.  

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Thanks to these applications- and many more- remote working has never been easier.

Several years ago, remote working was extremely uncommon. Similarly, virtual office spaces were few and far between. Now that working out-of-office has become the norm for many businesses, there are so many applications that can make remote working easy and productive. 

Each and every one of these tools can be helpful to a business moving into the virtual office space. While some focus primarily on organization and planning, others emphasize collaboration and communication. Which ones will work best for you and your business? 

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