Virtual Pride Event Ideas for 2021

Virtual and hybrid events for Pride are once again going to be a major part of the festivities, history, and celebrations in cities around the world.

With nearly 500 worldwide Pride events being called off last year, many LGBTQ organizations and committees have had to get creative when trying to keep the spirit up for Pride during a difficult time. Thankfully, they had the internet.

Despite the cancellations of parades, club events, and fundraisers, members of the queer community were still able to celebrate and partake in the pride festivities in the comfort of their own homes thanks to live streaming software such as Jumbo.

If you’re looking to plan your own virtual pride event for 2021, here are a few fun event ideas you can organize for your local celebrations:

virtual pride events 2021

Host an online dance party

Just because a lot of the gay clubs are still closed, doesn’t mean the Pride party has to stop. Last year, multiple groups like Club Quarantine organized nightly Zoom events throughout Pride season. Sure, a solo dance party in your living room may not be the same as letting loose at a gay bar, but hosting an event with guest DJs, local queer celebrities, and drag artists can definitely turn up a Friday evening.

online pride dance party
Source: Pitchfork

Produce an online auction to support an LGBTQ youth organization

Pride is often the prime time for both small and major organizations around the world to raise awareness of their dedicated cause. Hosting an online fundraiser won’t only be an excellent chance to bring attention to some awesome local LGBTQ charities and organizations, but can be a great opportunity to raise funds for those who have been badly affected by COVID. Events like an online auction, or a fun quiz night were both popular events last year with both major and smaller charities receiving large donations from attendants.  

produce an online auction for pride
Source: Covenant House Alaska

Broadcast an LGBTQ history lecture

While Pride is usually a time for the queer community to party, it’s also a moment to commemorate the history and culture. Think of it like a Zoom class, but with a dash of a rainbow. Hosting a guest lecture on the local, or even global history of Pride can be a great way to educate both allies and members of the community of the past and present journey to LGBTQIA+ rights. MOMA, the British Museum, and The Victoria and Albert Museum also hosted an online queer tour of their collections, hosted by LGBTQ history experts.

broadcast an LGBTQ history lecture
Source: New York Public Library

Arrange an online book club

For those who love a good queer romance or are always on the hunt for new LGBTQ writers, hosting a queer book club or live reading is a fantastic way for participants to meet and discuss their favorite books written about and by queer folks. It’s also a great way to help promote local authors and their books with a Q&A and virtual book signing.

online LGBTQ book club for pride
Source: Time Magazine

Conclusion - How to plan a virtual Pride event

While there now seems to be an end in sight for the pandemic with more and more vaccines rolling out to the public, it’s still important to be precautious before taking the celebrations to the streets. Although it can be challenging to lift spirits up during a difficult time, hosting online events is one way to keep the LGBTQ community active and hopeful for a brighter future.  

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