How Virtual Town Halls Can Change Your Company

Town hall meetings are a great way to bring the entirety of your company together to talk about project updates, sales goals, and business strategies. Also known as all-hands meetings, town hall meetings are meant to be heavily focused on topics that are applicable to all sectors of your company. 

While most teams within the company likely have smaller weekly meetings, town hall meetings are on a much larger scale. The majority of large companies won’t necessarily need to have these types of meetings too often - monthly or quarterly meetings are recommended during your company’s slow season. 

The past two years have proven to be an interesting time for all-hands meetings. While some companies decided to completely do away with them as the majority of office workers went remote, some companies shifted to a virtual meeting instead. 

Virtual town hall meetings are extremely beneficial for both your employees and your company as a whole. This remains to be true even as workers return to the office. There are several reasons why virtual meetings can completely change your company for the better. 

What are the benefits of a virtual town hall?

Thought Leadership

Virtual meetings are a great way to encourage thought leadership within your organization. In-person meetings can be daunting and stressful for some of your less outgoing employees, especially if you have a lot of people in attendance. Virtual meetings offer a safer, less intimidating way for employees to give their input and discuss projects with one another. 

It’s also important to note that many younger business professionals have come to expect a certain level of modernization within their place of work. In-person meetings have a lot of great benefits; however, virtual meetings are definitely more futuristic and convenient for the average worker. 


If you’re a decision-maker at a large-scale company, you know how expensive all-hands meetings can be. We aren’t talking about a board room with 15 people sitting around a conference table- we’re talking about tens or hundreds of employees that need places to sit, park, and converse with each other comfortably. The venue alone is a huge cost, and that’s not even counting the countless additional expenses that will surely arise when hosting a large town hall meeting. 


Virtual town halls are much more convenient for the average person, as it does not require everyone to be in the same place at the same time. Online meetings are also way more accessible for your employees and relieve the stress of missing an integral all-hands meeting. Whether they were out of town on a much-needed vacation or stuck in traffic on their way to the office, many employees know how it feels to miss out on an extremely important meeting. 

By moving your meeting to an online medium, you’re opening up the floor to all your employees rather than just a select few. People who previously would not have been able to attend the meeting will have the ability to listen in and give their input. Not only does this help create a more inclusive work environment, but it also decreases the confusion and stress that missing an all-hands meeting can bring. 


One huge advantage that virtual meetings hold over in-person meetings is access to analytics. Analytics are a huge part of understanding what parts of your business work and which parts need to be changed. For example, if you notice that your employees are less likely to attend all-hands meetings hosted on Fridays as opposed to meetings held on Thursdays, you’ll have a pretty good idea of which day works best for your meetings. 

You can also institute engagement tactics like surveys and polls to keep your employees invested in the meeting. Sending out a survey following each meeting is a great way to hear feedback from your employees so you can ensure that the following meetings are on-topic and focused. 

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